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Tim is a Church Historian who teaches as an adjunct for The College at Southwestern, Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, and Wayland Baptist University. He has been teaching for the past nine years and enjoys connecting with students.

Maureen is a General Surgeon who recently completed her residency.  She is currently seeking a part-time or flexible position.

Luke is a lively and loving little boy born March 24, 2009.  He enjoys playing and listening to music.
Kate is an amazing and beautiful little girl born February 24, 2012.  She likes to chase her brother, giggle, and dance.

Since our first date, we have had missions on our minds. In fact, one of the first things Maureen told Tim was that she wanted to be a physician so that she could serve Christ through missions.  It has been over a decade since that first date, but God has been faithful and has guided us to this point in our lives.

Our Story . . .
God has been leading us toward serving Him in full-time ministry for most of our lives.  He revealed His plan for medical missions to Maureen at the 1994 Urbana Conference. He instilled in Tim a love for teaching and led him to deepen his knowledge in Church History. Tim would later use this knowledge to impact students’ lives by showing them God’s hand in history.

In 2004, God allowed us to experience how our gifts could be used for His kingdom as we served in Jos, Nigeria for two months. We knew then that He would call us back to the mission field.

We heard God say “It’s time,” as Maureen was completing her medical training. Through prayer, a partnership with SIM began which resulted in an appointment to Egbe, Nigeria.  We will be serving as part of a team that will bring the Gospel to the Yoruba people. Maureen will be ministering through medicine while Tim ministers through teaching.

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What is the the 10/40 Window?

A number of our missionaries serve in what is known as the “10/40 window.” Exactly what is the 10/40 Window? Why is it important? Where can I find out more information about the 10/40 Window?

Bombay Teen Challenge

Bombay Teen Challenge, Mumbai, India

Chase Wood, Good News Jail and Prison Ministry



For the safety of our missionary we are unable to provide details concerning their identification or specific work they are currently involved in. We ask that you continue to pray for them.

Damir Spoljaric

mom - Damir Spoljaric Croatia

The evangelical church in Croatia, with fifty congregations in forty-one communities, has emerged from the Balkan wars of the 1990s as the largest evangelical movement in newly independent Croatia. The focus of their ministry is planting churches in communities with no Gospel witness, but the churches also sponsor camps for all ages which both evangelize and provide training and encouragement for believers. A new initiative is a retirement home for aging pastors and wives.
Even though Croatia is perhaps the best-evangelized of all the parts of the former Yugoslavia, Croatians remain an unreached people group, with less than 0.1% of them being evangelical Christians. Church planters typically live by faith with no guarantee of support in a country with over 30% unemployment.

Please visit their website for additional information.

Himalayan Inland Mission


Lee & Carol Short



For the safety of our missionary we are unable to provide details concerning their identification or specific work they are currently involved in. We ask that you continue to pray for them.

Michael & Marsha Slone


International Christian Concern - ICC

Our church also prays for and sends financial help to the persecuted church. Around the globe, more Christians suffer intense persecution today than at any time in the history of the Church.

Roger & Marilyn Reeck


Tim and Maureen McAlhaney


Steve and Karen McClure

Steve and Karen McClure
Cambodian Flag

Touch of Christ Ministries

Reaching Muslims in the heart of the 10/40 Window.

Winter Relief

Every year we, as a church, participate in a ministry called Winter Relief. Winter Relief is a wonderful opportunity for churches to help the homeless in our communities by hosting them for one week each in our church buildings. We provide food, shelter, and transportation to and from the church. We have really enjoyed getting to know these wonderful people these past few years and look forward to getting to know and help many more in the future.

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