Every Christian is called to be a vital part of a local church, where they can receive care from godly shepherds, and where they can utilize their gifts to serve and care for others. This is what it means to be a member of a local church. Membership has privileges - and responsibilities. At BRCC, becoming a member begins by taking the class “Walking Together.” This class gives a brief overview of the beliefs and practices of BRCC. Once someone has taken the class, they can request to become a member at BRCC. This is done when both the individual and the elders of BRCC agree that the person meets the qualifications for membership and that God is calling the person to be a member at BRCC.

The full set of materials for Walking Together may be accessed on the links below. The class itself will only give an overview of the information contained in this material. However, we encourage everyone who will be taking Walking Together to look at the materials prior to the class.

BRCC Essential Beliefs

Chapter 1 - Our Vision
Chapter 2 - The Glorious Gospel
Chapter 3 - God's Working and Our Response
Chapter 4 - Benefits of the Gospel
Chapter 5 - The Doctrine of Sanctification
Chapter 6a - The Means of Grace
Chapter 6b - The Spiritual Disciplines
Chapter 7a - Understanding Pastoral Care
Chapter 7b - Addendum - A Statement of Church Discipline
Chapter 7c - Addendum - Letter of Reccomendation
Chapter 8 - Church Life and Relationships
Chapter 9 - Discovering and Employing Your Gifts
Chapter 10a - Money, Possessions and Giving
Chapter 10b - Stewardship
Chapter 11 - Our Mission Together