Ezekiel 1
Title: Behold Christ!

Date: February 22, 2015

Theme: The ancient church saw the Gospels as a fulfillment of Ezekiel and John’s visions, and as testimonies to Christ - who is the focal point of all of God’s revelation.

Text: Ezekiel 1:4-11; Revelation 4:6-11

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Ezekiel 48
Title: Yahweh Shammah - The Lord Is There

Date: October 4, 2009

Theme: God's name Yahweh-Shammah - The Lord is There - speaks of God's desire to be in the midst of his people, chronicled in both the historical and the future prophesied city of Jerusalem.

Text: Revelation 21:1-4; Ezekiel 48:35

Reading: Psalm 137:1-6

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