Luke - The Ox

Luke presents Jesus as the ox, full of strength yet suffering as a sacrifice for sin, so that we might repent and be forgiven of our sins and then serve others. Read More...


Deacons are men and women of Christian character and a mature, orthodox faith, who are set apart by the church to serve the church, her members, and others in practical ways. Read More...

Unchained Through Restoration

The Gospel of God’s grace restores our relationship with God, and it calls us to act as Christ would to see relationships restored with others as well. Read More...

Lee Short

Lee Short shares about the ministry in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and throughout the Spanish speaking world. Read More...

Spiritual Gifts - The Church In Action

Gifts are given by God to enable every Christian to be an effective minister for God, helping to build His Church and Kingdom. Read More...

Spiritual Gifts and Service

Each of us must know which gifts we have been given so that we can serve others, but we are also called to serve in areas where we are not gifted - especially helping those in need. Read More...

What Are Spiritual Gifts?

Spiritual gifts are concrete expressions of God’s grace, manifested by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, in order to enable us to serve others in love. Read More...

A Christ Filled Team

The work of the kingdom is not done by a few superstars, but through the Spirit empowered efforts of a Christ filled team comprised of all believers. Read More...

Timothy and Epaphroditus - Christ-like Examples for Us

Timothy and Epaphroditus were Christ-like examples, serving others even at great personal sacrifice and risk.

A Fruitful Life Devoted to Good Works

The Gospel causes us to live productive and fruitful lives, devoted to good works and helping others. Read More...

Serving as a Means of Grace

We have been called to be servants of Christ, giving from his riches and not our own, knowing that serving him will bring us face to face with him. Read More...

A LIfe for God's Glory

Our entire lives matter to God and are to be lived in service to Him and with a view toward eternity Read More...

A Life That Fulfills God's Purpose

God calls us to live a life of love and service toward Him and others. Read More...

All In: Participants Not Spectators

A life that is centered on glorifying God is full of joy, because God is supremely worthy and it is why we were created. Read More...
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