Series Outline for Less Is More

Lent is patterned after Jesus’ forty days in the wilderness. It is a time when we fast, pray, confess sin, and set aside distractions so we can fully seek God to be empowered by His Spirit. Read More...


The consummation of our salvation will happen at the return of Christ, when our bodies will be raised from the grave and transformed to be like Jesus’ body, and all of creation will be renewed. At that point we and all of the renewed creation will experience the glorious freedom of full redemption and will radiate the glory of God. Read More...

The True Nature of Freedom

Christ came to give us true freedom, the ability to be who we were created to be – the image of God, serving others in love. Read More...

The Race Well Run

There are three crucial and life-altering realities that we must never lose sight of If we endeavor to walk out the Christian life faithfully - the fight, the finish and the faith. Read More...

Enduring In A Transient World

We are called to live for that which endures - things which have been passed down for generations, and which should be passed on to generations to come.  But we live in a world of perpetual novelty, which is dominated by the trendy and the trivial, and is often disdainful of that which has gone before. Read More...

Focused In A Distracted World

Walking with God requires us to give focused, sustained reflection to God, His Word, our lives, and the world in which we live. But we live in a world of constant distractions, making sustained, focused reflection and living very difficult. Read More...

Idolatry In the iWorld

Christians must be vigilant to keep themselves from Idols - anything we look to in place of God, assigning it god-like powers to give us what should be sought in God alone. Idolatry is rampant in the iWorld, and is concentrated in and perpetuated by technology. Read More...

Contextualizing Without Conforming

We are called to engage our current culture, contextualizing the Gospel so that it will be accessible to our friends, but we must be aware of the unique but ever present dangers that come with each culture, age and technology, understanding the world will always try to seduce our hearts away from Christ and the Gospel.


To grow spiritually, we need to be devoted and follow a plan of studying Scripture, applying it to our lives, and passing it on to others. Read More...

Praying For Believers To Be Strengthened

Christians should pray for strength from God to be able to fulfill our call to be in the world but not of it.

The Life of Jesus Revealed

In a world shrouded in death see Jesus.

Our Present Call - Walking Dead To Sin

Christians have been made alive to God but dead to sin in Christ, and are called to live in light of that reality. Read More...

A Christlike Life and Community

As those who have been given new life in Christ, believers must put on the virtues that reflect the character of God shown to us in Christ, and they must walk in unity with the Church. Read More...

Spring Cleaning

As those who have been given new life in Christ, believers must put off their former vices so they can be like Christ. Read More...

Counterfeit Spirituality

Counterfeit spirituality depends on rituals, hyper-spirituality, and legalism, rather than on the simplicity of Christ, Who alone can deliver from sin. Read More...

Fullness In Christ

Christians have been given a full salvation - our sins forgiven, our enemies vanquished, and our sinful nature effectively dealt with - through Jesus, Who is the fulness of God. Read More...

The Law and the Spirit in Sanctification

Because our sin has short-circuited God’s Law, our progress in sanctification comes by the power and ministry of the Spirit. Read More...

The Value of Godly Character

God calls His people to respond to Him in faith and to display a character that is like His. Read More...

The Life of Freedom in the Spirit

Our life of freedom in the Spirit is one of personal responsibility and mutual care, looking forward to our final reward. Read More...

Keeping In Step with the Spirit

As those made alive by the Spirit, we must keep in step with the Holy Spirit, developing a close, personal relationship with Him. Read More...

Walking by the Spirit

The Spirit enables us to live a Christ-like life, helping us to overcome the flesh in a way the law never could. Read More...

Our Freedom in Christ

Christ came to give us true freedom, the ability to be who we were created to be – the image of God, serving others in love. Read More...

Christ - The Image of God

Christ is the fulfillment of humanity's call to bear the image of God, and He is forming that image in His people.

The Benefits of Baptism

Water baptism is the sign and seal of our union with Christ, a means of grace to provide strength in our struggle against sin, and the medium through which we testify of our faith in Christ and membership in the church. Read More...

Why Should I Be Baptized?

Christ commands His followers to be baptized in water as the sign and seal of our union with Him, to receive power in our struggle with sin, and testify of our faith in Him. Read More...

Yahweh Tsidkenu - The Lord Our Righteousness

God is Yahweh-Tsidkenu - the One who defines, fulfills, and imputes righteousness to His people through Jesus, and then begins to produce righteous fruit in them by His Spirit. Read More...

Yahweh M'Kaddesh - The Lord Who Sets You Apart

God has set us apart to Him, to live a holy life sanctified by Christ and in the Holy Spirit. Read More...

God is Perfect

If God is perfect what should our response to a perfect God look like in our daily living. Read More...

Transformed by the Holy Spirit

Christians live in the New Covenant, and are being progressively transformed by the Spirit into the image of God as we consistently behold His glory. Read More...

Led by the Spirit

The Holy Spirit leads God's children by revealing God's will in Scripture, enabling us to understand, giving us a desire to follow, and empowering us to obey. Read More...

Filled With the Holy Spirit

Christians are called to be constantly filed with the Holy Spirit, living lives under His control. Read More...

The Fruit of the Spirit

The Spirit is at work in believers to enable them to resist the desires of their fallen nature and to be conformed to Christ. Read More...

Dead or Alive?

God showed us mercy while we were dead in our trespasses and sins, by making us alive, by raising us up, and by seating us together with Christ; so that, we might walk in those good works God has prepared for us. Read More...

The Spirit of Creation and Redemption

The Spirit was active in both our creation and redemption, and in His ongoing work in our lives He is restoring God's original intent for creation and our place within it. Read More...

The Spirit, the Word, and the Means of Grace

God wants to fill His people with His Spirit and this is primarily done as we consistently participate in faith with the means of grace He has ordained for His people.

God is Holy

God is holy, calls us to be holy, and has given us his Holy Spirit so that we can be holy. Read More...

The Character of Christ

It is imperative that we have a fully developed image of Christ, and that image should have a deep impact upon every area of our lives.  Read More...

What It Means to be a Disciple

A disciple is one who recognizes their sin, receives the forgiveness offered in Christ, and lives a life of worship and service in the context of a local community of believers. Read More...

Who's Your Master

You cannot continue to sin, because of your unity with Christ, which has brought you a new life no longer under the power of sin. Read More...

Our Present Struggle and Our Future Glory

The Christian life is characterized by the pursuit of Christ, the struggle against sin, and the hope of our glorious future in heaven with Christ. Read More...

A Fruitful Life of Joyful Obedience

Paul calls believers to draw upon God's strength to live fruitful lives of joyful obedience. Read More...

Lives Worthy of the Gospel

God calls believers to live lives that agree with the truth of the Gospel and draw others to Christ. Read More...

The Gospel of God's Grace

God's grace has come to us in Christ, and it saves those who believe, and enables them to live a life distinct from the world and in conformity to God's character. Read More...

The Way of Wisdom

The wisdom books of the Old Testament teach us how to shape our souls so that we acquire the skill to learn and live successfully in this fallen world. Read More...

The Heart of the Wise - Shaping Our Souls for Character

The key to godly character is carefully guarding our hearts because the state of the heart determines character. Read More...

Living in the Shadowlands

Between the day of our redemption and the day we die, we live with one foot in the physical world stained by sin and the other foot in the Heavenly kingdom that shines with an ever-increasing glory. Read More...

Authentic Faith In A World Of Illusion

We must resist this fallen world, remembering that authentic, eternal life and joy Is found in God, not in this fading evil order of illusion that is passing away. Read More...

An Authentic Eschatology

An authentic eschatology does not promote speculation about signs, but rather an eager hope for the completion of our salvation that is fueled by purifying ourselves from the practice of sin now. Read More...

Authentic Regeneration and Its Effects

Christians have been regenerated, given a new nature, so that they can not embrace a Satanic life of lawlessness and sin. Read More...

Sardis: The Dead Church

The church must be alive and alert, not living off past faith and deeds, but nurturing a vital, continuing walk with Jesus and opposition to Satan. Read More...

A Holy Sexuality

A Christian must be holy in their sexual conduct, avoiding all sexual activity other than a man and woman within marriage. Read More...

The Power of God in the Obedience of Christians

Our life of humble obedience to God is not a historical accident but a foreordained and sure plan for sanctification that is patterned after Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit. Read More...

Christian Moral Formation

Christian moral formation is the lifelong process of putting off sins, putting on Christlike virtues and being renewed so our thoughts and desires are like Christ. Read More...
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