Marriage & Family


Relationships are damaged when we act out of the improper motivation to manipulate others to meet our needs, but are repaired when we follow Christ and let our actions be driven by the motivation to minister to the deepest needs of the other person. Read More...

Love and Respect

Marriage is a picture of Christ and the Church, and therefore must be centered on Him, and built on love and respect. Read More...

Humanity - Created For Community

As the image of the Triune God, the Divine Community, humans are by nature a relational, created to be part of a community.

Called To Family

Christians are called to serve God in their families by loving and respecting their spouse, raising their children to love God and His kingdom, and honoring their parents, all with a view to being a blessing to the wider world. Read More...

Late Fall and Winter - Our Later Years

Our later years are a time of celebration of past efforts and investment in the future, as the wisdom gleaned through the years is passed on to the next generations. Read More...

Late Summer and Early Fall - Adults

Our adult years are full of hard labor as we strive to love and serve God, our families, and others as we harvest all that has been sown into us in our earlier years. Read More...

Early Summer - Older Children and Young Adults

Older children and young adults should experience a greater measure of freedom, which they are to use to draw close to God, solidify the lessons learned in their early years, and prepare to serve God throughout life. Read More...

Spring - Young Children

Like unplowed ground, young children must have the soil of their hearts prepared through loving discipline and have the seeds of God’s Word planted through careful instruction. Read More...

Relationships and Responsibilities in Christ the Lord

Our new status in Christ has not freed us from the relationships and responsibilities in our culture, but we now fulfill these under the Lordship of Christ. Read More...

On Being 'Single' - Seeking First the Kingdom

God calls us to be truly ‘single’ – devoted first and foremost to Him and His Kingdom - before seeking marriage. Read More...

Married or Single - Is One More Spiritual?

The key to true spirituality is not either marriage or being single, but rather determining God’s call and gifts for us, and following biblical mandates for our lives. Read More...

Living in Godly Submission (Part 3)

As God’s exile, sojourning people, Christian wives are called to submit to the husbands God has placed over them - even if they are ungodly, and Christian husbands are called to show honor to their wives. Read More...

Reaching Future Generations

God calls to us through the law and the Gospel to love Him with our entire being, adn to raise future generations to turn to Christ so they can do the same thing. Read More...

Biblical Principles for Selecting a Marriage Partner (Part 1)

Although the bible does not give a specific plan for dating or courtship, it does give key principles, the most important of which is that they must be a believer. Read More...

Biblical Principles for Selecting A Marriage Partner (Part 2)

When thinking about a marriage partner, we need to follow God's wisdom and choose someone, not based on external looks, but on the basis of godly character. Read More...

Biblical Principles for Selecting A Marriage Partner (Part 3)

When building a relationship with a marriage partner, the Scripture calls for absolute sexual purity -- in action and desire. Read More...

Is Cohabitation the Same As Marriage?

Cohabitation is different in both purpose and practice from marriage, and it does not fit the biblical parameters for marriage and thus does not benefit the individuals or society. Read More...

Does God Allow Homosexual Marriage?

Although Christians must show compassion to those trapped in homosexuality, we must be clear that it is a sin, and that God would never condone homosexual marriage. Read More...

The Covenant Nature of Marriage

Marriage is a life-long covenant between a man and a woman to be exclusively faithful to one another. Read More...

The Purposes of Marriage

Marriage must be centered on God, and its true purposes are found in fulfilling our call to display God's image in all the earth. Read More...

Roles and Responsibilities in the Home

To fulfill God's purposes for marriage and have a strong family, we must follow His blueprint for the roles for each person in the family. Read More...

A Godly Seed: Raising Our Children in the Lord

God desires that we raise children according to His Word so that they will love and follow him. Read More...

Does God Ever Allow Divorce?

Although God hates divorce, He does allow it if there has been sexual immorality or if an unbeliever leaves a believer. Read More...

The Tragedy of Divorce

Divorce is a tragedy arising from man's sin which produces devastating effects on all involved, so Christians should always work to save marriages. Read More...

Divorce and Remarriage Today

God may allow remarriage, but the sinful conduct which destroyed the previous marriage must be rectified first through repentance and proper actions. Read More...

LIving with a Multi-Generational Perspective

God calls His people to live with a multi-generational perspective, focusing on how the faith will be passed on to the generations to come. Read More...

Shema - Hear and Speak God's Word

The Shema is the most important command in Scripture, and it teaches us that to love God with all our being we must hear and speak God’s Word regularly.

Marriage: When Two Become One

God intends marriage to be a lifelong, vital union between a man and a woman, and anything less is a distortion or rejection of God’s will. Read More...
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