Right and Wrong Responses To Sin

If we deny our sin, we are deceived, but if we confess our sin, we are forgiven and cleansed. Read More...

Unchained By Grace

The Gospel of God’s grace releases us from our chains of sin, and sets us free to live in the peace of God - no matter our circumstances.

Praying For Our Forgiveness

Christians pray to God for forgiveness of our many sins, knowing that asking for forgiveness requires that we extend it to others ourselves. Read More...

The Glorious Gospel

The Gospel is the glorious news of God’s saving grace, and it shows us how Christ saves us from our sin and is received by faith alone, apart from our works. Read More...

Our Present Call - Walking Dead To Sin

Christians have been made alive to God but dead to sin in Christ, and are called to live in light of that reality. Read More...

The Heart of God's Law

All the law is summarized in these two commandments: You shall love the Lord your God with all of your heart, and with all of your soul, and with all of your mind; and you shall love your neighbor as yourself. Read More...

The Proper Use of God's Law

God’s Law is holy, righteous and good - but we must use it properly, allowing it to define righteousness, convict us of sin, and point us to Christ. Read More...

A Rebel Sent to Rebels

God sends flawed rebel servants like Jonah and us to proclaim His Word to rebels who do not know Him so that they might turn to Him and be saved. Read More...

Children of Slavery, Children of Promise

Theme: The true seed of Abraham are those born of the Spirit and promise, while those trusting in law are merely slaves.

Text: Galatians 4:21-31

Reading: Psalm 87

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The Superiority of Promise Over Law

Theme: The law is inferior to God’s promise and therefore we should look to God in faith, rather than relying on the law.

Text: Galatians 3:15-25

Reading: Romans 4:13-17

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The Blessings of Faith

Through faith in Christ we are redeemed from the curse and receive all of the blessings of God. Read More...

Dead to the Law but Alive to God

We have died to the law but become alive to God, living a new life by faith in Christ. Read More...

The Spirit and the World

The Spirit has been sent to convict the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment, so that it may be drawn to Christ. Read More...

Moses and Christ - Law and Grace

Christ came to reveal the fulness of grace, and we live by grace, not law. Read More...

Christ and the Sacrificial Aspect of the Law

The sacrificial system finds it focus and fulfillment in Christ, the true Lamb of God, who cleanses our sin and enable us to offer spiritual sacrifices to God. Read More...

Christ and the Ceremonial Aspect of the Law

Christ is the focus and fulfillment of the ceremonial aspects of the law, and He enables His people to walk in true holiness. Read More...

Christ and the Moral Aspect of the Law

The moral law finds its focus and fulfillment in Christ, Who perfectly displayed the character of God, delivered us from the curse of the law, and enables us to fulfill the Law by His Spirit. Read More...

The Passion and Resurrection of Christ

Although every one of us are responsible for Christ’s death because of our sin, God raised him from death that we might be saved.

The Law of Moses and Civil Government

The Mosaic covenant of law was given to Israel for life in the promised land and was never intended as the basis for government in the common kingdom, and even its function within the people of God has changed with the new covenant. Read More...

What God Demands - And Gives

God demands that I be perfect in holiness, love and integrity - and He gives this to me through Christ. Read More...

Guilt, Grace, and Gratitude - The Gospel and Its Fruit

To be part of God's people I must know how great my sin is, how God has delivered me from my sin and misery through Jesus Christ, and how I can show my gratitude to God for delivering me. Read More...

Yahweh Tsidkenu - The Lord Our Righteousness

God is Yahweh-Tsidkenu - the One who defines, fulfills, and imputes righteousness to His people through Jesus, and then begins to produce righteous fruit in them by His Spirit. Read More...

The Call of Isaiah - Part 2 - His Commissioning

Like Isaiah, we are commissioned to speak God’s truth, and the measure of success is faithfulness to the truth, not the response of the hearers. Read More...

The Call of Isaiah - Part 1 - His Vision

Isaiah was given a revelation of God’s glory and holiness, which revealed his own weakness and sin, and then he received atonement from God. Read More...

Seeing Christ in the Psalms

Christ is the central figure of the book of Psalms, and in its pages we see the grand picture of His life, death, and resurrection.

Reaching Future Generations

God calls to us through the law and the Gospel to love Him with our entire being, adn to raise future generations to turn to Christ so they can do the same thing. Read More...

God's Revelation - And Our Response

God has revealed Himself to us through creation and Scripture, and we are called to respond with humble confession, prayer, and faith.

The Authentic Response To Sin

Authentic faith is built upon Jesus, the True Word of Life, is proclaimed in the Gospel, and produces fellowship and full joy as we walk with God and His people.

Authentic Atonement

When we sin, we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus the Righteous One, who has provided authentic atonement for us - bearing the wrath of God and purifying us from sin, allowing us to freely come before the Father.

The Authentic Christian In Action

Authentic Christian faith is seen not in the claim to know God, but in the fruit of faith - obeying God’s commands, walking as Jesus did, and loving other Christians. Read More...
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