Praying For the Church To Be Unified

Christians should pray and work to walk in visible unity, both with the local and the universal church. Read More...

Growing As A Community

God calls His people to growth in their relationships with one another, building a close knit community centered around Christ. Read More...

Spiritual Gifts - The Church In Action

Gifts are given by God to enable every Christian to be an effective minister for God, helping to build His Church and Kingdom. Read More...

Called To the Church

When Christ calls us through the Gospel, He calls us into local churches where we can be protected, strengthened and equipped by those whom Christ has saved and called to be leaders in the church. NOTE: THE LAST 20 MINUTES IS AN ORDINATION CEREMONY. Read More...

The Local Church and the Universal Church

Christians are called to embrace a local church where they live out their faith, and the universal Church, which is the fulness of Christ and the focus of God’s great promises. Read More...

A Christ Filled Team

The work of the kingdom is not done by a few superstars, but through the Spirit empowered efforts of a Christ filled team comprised of all believers. Read More...

Our More Perfect Union

After Jesus’ body was broken on the cross He formed One new body. He called this body The Church. It now looks and acts exactly like Jesus. Because it is Jesus’ body. Read More...


As we partake of Communion in faith, Christians are united in fellowship with Christ and His Body, the Church. Read More...

A Thriving Future

The book of Acts closes with a bold, unhindered proclamation of the Gospel - in spite of all the oppositions of Satan and the world - which guarantees a glorious thriving future for the Church and the kingdom of God. Read More...

Thriving Through Persecution

God is on a mission to glorify the name of His Son, Jesus.  There are times that God has chosen to use persecution to ensure that the gospel of His Son goes forth and that His Church thrives. Read More...

A Thriving Spirituality

As the church, we thrive only by the grace of God which we experience through the means of grace. Therefore we must embrace and intentionally seek to cultivate that grace in our lives as part of the church. Read More...

A Thriving Growth

Luke describes the early church as thriving with continuous growth as it is strengthened by the Spirit through the means of grace to fulfill the Great Commission -  even in the face of severe opposition. Read More...

A Thriving Outreach

A look at the outreach of the church to Gentiles. Read More...

A Thriving Union

As Paul learned on the road to Damascus, we thrive not through our own righteousness, but because we have a vital unity with Christ and His Church. Read More...

Thriving By the Power of the Gospel

The Church exists because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And, the primary means by which it continues to thrive is the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Read More...

A Thriving Community

A thriving church is a true community, centered on Christ, awed God’s power, showing practical love, living life together, and experiencing God’s favor. Read More...

A Thriving Power

A thriving church must be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit to know and accomplish God's call. Read More...

A Thriving Mission

A thriving, growing church understands that our mission propels us into all the world - from our local area to the farthest corners of the globe. Read More...

Building the Church for the Glory of God

We are called to build upon the foundation laid by the apostles so that we can help the Church grow for the glory of God. Read More...

Vines That Choke the Church

Churches can not grow, produce fruit and multiply if they are divided by pride, walk in disunity with other believers, lack compassion for the lost, or are not willing to pay the cost to follow and serve Christ. Read More...

Children of Slavery, Children of Promise

Theme: The true seed of Abraham are those born of the Spirit and promise, while those trusting in law are merely slaves.

Text: Galatians 4:21-31

Reading: Psalm 87

Click here to download the teaching

Click here to download an outline of the teaching

Click here to download a PDF of a table showing the two seeds of Abraham in Galatians 4

Paul and the Other Apostles

Paul and the other Apostles were united in their understanding of the Gospel and supported one another in their call. Read More...

Paul - Apostle to the Gentiles

Paul was called as an Apostle to the Gentiles, and as such speaks with the full authority of Jesus Himself. Read More...

BRCC's Vision and Church Planting

BRCC is called to glorify God by building and planting local churches that are biblically based, Christ centered, caring communities, seeking to know Christ and make Him known. Read More...

The Power of Radical Commitment to Church Planting

God calls all of us to be part of church planting, either as radical supporters or radical planting team members. Read More...

Training Future Leaders

God calls His church not only to reach every nation, but also to train leaders so that the church may thrive in future generations. Read More...

The Great Claim, The Great Commission, The Great Comfort

As disciples of Christ we respond to the great commission by the power of Christ and the comfort that He gives.

The Mission of God

God calls His pilgrim people to go forth, promising to bless them so that they can be a blessing to others. Read More...

Protection Through Prayer

We need to pray as a church to be protected from the enemy in the spiritual warfare that rages around us. Read More...

Christ the Reality

Christ is the focus and fulfillment of the entire Old Testament. The major people, places, and events in the Old Testament are types and shadows of the reality that is found in Christ, and through Him all believers inherit the Old Testament promises.

Christ and the City of Jerusalem

The city of Jerusalem was a type and a shadow of the true city of God, the new Jerusalem, which is comprised of all those who have faith in Christ.

Christ and the Land of Israel (Part 2)

In Christ, the church inherits the land promises, which really pointed to heaven, of which the land of Israel was only a type and shadow.

Christ and the Land of Israel (Part 1)

In Christ, the church inherits the land promises, which have been expanded to include the whole world. Read More...

The Church - The Fulfillment of Israel in Christ (Part 2)

In Christ, the True Israel, the church is the fulfillment of Old Testament Israel, the people of God. Read More...

The Church - The Fulfillment of Israel in Christ (Part 1)

In Christ, the True Israel, the church is the fulfillment of Old Testament Israel, the people of God. Read More...

Christ - The True Seed of Abraham

Jesus is the True Seed of Abraham, and all of the promises made to Abraham and his seed find their fulfillment in Christ and the Church. Read More...

Christ and the Temple

The Temple finds its focus and fulfillment in Christ, Who is the fullness of God and the atoning sacrifice for sin, and Who makes His people to be God’s temple.

Messiah's Mosaic

The church is God’s nation, comprised of people from every nation and culture, and her primary allegiance is to God’s kingdom rather than each members preferred culture. Read More...

God's Sojourning Exile People (Pt. 2)

In this age Christians are sojourning exiles, serving with unbelievers in our common kingdom and culture, as we long for our heavenly home. Read More...

God's Sojourning Exile People (Pt. 1)

In this age Christians are sojourning exiles, serving with unbelievers in our common kingdom and culture, as we long for our heavenly home. Read More...

The Lord of the Rings - Understanding Sphere Sovereignty

God is the Sovereign Lord over every sphere of life and culture, and has given unique calls, gifts, and responsibilities to each sphere, which must not be infringed upon by other spheres. Read More...

A Tale of Two Kingdoms (Pt. 2)

After the fall, God instituted a distinction between the kingdom of man, the realm of common grace ruled through general revelation, and the kingdom of God, the realm of saving grace ruled through special revelation. Read More...

Giving Thanks for the Body of Christ

We are to give thanks for the faith and love of the body of Christ for as He is now revealed through the Church He will one day be revealed in person. Read More...

A Tale of Two Kingdoms (Pt. 1)

After the fall, God instituted a distinction between the kingdom of man, the realm of common grace ruled through general revelation, and the kingdom of God, the realm of saving grace ruled through special revelation, in order to preserve the human race and redeem His people. Read More...

One Body, One Church, Doing Good

As the body of Christ we are called to entrust ourselves to our faithful creator by doing good as the Church. Read More...

Living as God's Exile People

As God’s exile, sojourning people, Christians are called to resist sin and live lives devoted to good works, hoping that God will use these to draw unbelievers to the Gospel. Read More...

A Building Made by God

In the midst of life in this fallen world we must always remember who it is that God has called us to be. Read More...

God's Chosen Exile People

God’s chosen people live as exiles in this world, but are sustained by the covenant grace and peace of the Father, Son, and Spirit. Read More...

Who Should Be Baptized?

In view of the biblical teaching on the New Covenant and water baptism, only those who have personally professed faith in Christ should be water baptized. Read More...

The Story of Scripture

There is an overarching story to the whole of scripture that should affect every passage that we read. God is bringing glory to Himself through the Person and work of Jesus Christ as He creates and redeems a people who glorify and enjoy Him forever. Read More...

The Benefits of Baptism

Water baptism is the sign and seal of our union with Christ, a means of grace to provide strength in our struggle against sin, and the medium through which we testify of our faith in Christ and membership in the church. Read More...

The Joy of Corporate Worship

There is great joy that comes from gathering with God's people. Read More...

The Day of Redemption for the Nations

Although the day of the Lord is a day of judgment for the nations that have rejected God, He is calling a remnant from every nation to be part of His people. Read More...

God's Glorious Covenant People

Despite their present failures, Isaiah saw the glorious future for God’s people, when people from all nations would come to learn and walk in God’s ways. Read More...

A Biblically Based, Christ Centered, Caring Community

As the people of God, we are to be a biblically based, Christ centered, caring community. Read More...

Love One Another

Our love for one another shows the world that we are disciples of Jesus Christ. Read More...

What Happens When We Are Baptized in the Holy Spirit?

When we were baptized in the Holy Spirit, we were initiated into the New Covenant, placed into the Church, given spiritual gifts, and empowered to be Christ’s witnesses. Read More...

What is the Baptism in the Holy Spirit?

The Baptism in the Holy Spirit is the promised experience of the Spirit being poured out, coming upon, and filling God’s New Covenant people.

The Glorious New Covenant Ministry of the Spirit

In the New Covenant the ministry of the Spirit in believers is much more personal, internal, and powerful than it was under the Old Covenant. Read More...

The Gifts of the Spirit

Spiritual gifts are concrete expressions of God's grace, manifested by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, given to each believer in order to strengthen the church and enable us to serve others in love. Read More...

The Spirit and the Church

The Spirit is working to join us to the Church to be the place where God dwells.

What It Means to be a Disciple

A disciple is one who recognizes their sin, receives the forgiveness offered in Christ, and lives a life of worship and service in the context of a local community of believers. Read More...

The Call to Live in Community

Paul urges believers to walk in community so that they can stand for the Gospel in the face of opposition. Read More...

Vision 2006 - Running the Race, Passing on the Faith

We are called to a strong personal relationship to Christ, and to receive, guard, and pass the faith on to others unchanged. Read More...

The Basis and Goals of Godly Ministry

Godly leaders are slaves to God and are commissioned by Him to encourage faith, knowledge, godliness, and hope in God's people. Read More...

Elders - The Pastoral Leadership Team

Elders are a group of men called by God to shepherd the local church. Read More...

The Qualifications of an Elder

Elders are men with godly family lives and character, and who understand the faith and are able to encourage believers in the truth and correct error. Read More...

The Functions of an Elder-Shepherd

Shepherds are called to serve the flock by feeding, protecting, leading, and equipping it to serve God. Read More...

Disciples and Worship

Disciples recognize and embrace their need for corporate praise and worship, as the body of Christ, to God. Read More...

Disciples and the Local Church

Disciples recognize that God commands them to become active, participating, committed members of a local church. Read More...

Know the Love of Christ

We must come to an understanding of the depth of Christ's love for us and then we must show that love to the body of Christ, the Church. Read More...

Where God Commands a Blessing

God commands a blessing upon those who are in Christ and walk in unity with their fellow believers. Read More...

All In: The Church As Community

Jesus calls us to resist the spirit of greed, being content, trusting God’s faithfulness rather than money, and generously Read More...

Enjoying Jesus Through Fellowship

God has given us a wonderful gift in fellowship with other believers, and we should not neglect this habit of grace. Read More...

A Holy People

The church is a holy people who have been chosen by God, given a mission, and are sustained and inspired by our hope in the return of Jesus Christ. Read More...

A Holy Ministry

Holy ministry flows from proper motives, is conducted in a Christlike manner, and endures difficulty until the Gospel bears fruit. Read More...

A Holy Community of Love

The church is to be a community overflowing with love, growing in holiness, as it waits for the return of Jesus. Read More...

A Biblically Based Church

We are seeking to build a church whose life, ministry and mission are built upon the firm foundation of God’s Word, the Bible. Read More...
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