Outline of the Series on the Book of Psalms

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Using the Book of Psalms Today

Christians should use the Book of Psalms as a manual for godly living and biblical prayer. Read More...

The Psalms - The Depth of Prayer

The psalms teach us that prayer includes a depth of intimacy with God and intensity for God and the requests we are laying before Him.

The Psalms - The Breadth of Prayer

The psalms teach us to experience and utilize the full breadth of prayer as we encounter the full range of life.

The Psalms and the Word of God

The psalms help us to love God’s word and to live in obedience to it. Read More...

Praise - How Awesome Is the Lord!

The psalms of praise call us to give praise to God for His character and His actions. Read More...

Questions - What Is Happening?

A look at Psalm 73 and how we can reorient our focus on God. Read More...

Imprecation - Avenge Your People O God!

The imprecatory psalms cry out for God to act against the enemies of God and His people. Read More...

Confession - Have Mercy on Me O God

A look at sin and confession from Psalm 51. Read More...

Remembrance - O God Our Help in Ages Past

The psalms of remembrance recount God’s great acts in behalf of His people in the past as a guide for their faith in the present.

Confidence - The Lord Provides for and Protects Me

The psalms of confidence display the confidence God’s people have in His loving care for them.

Thanksgiving - From Wailing to Dancing

The palms of thanksgiving show God’s people giving Him thanks for delivering them when they cried out in distress.

Laments - God's People Sing the Blues

The psalms of lament show God’s people crying out to Him in distress, yet confident He will hear and respond.


The Psalms and the Future

The book of Psalms teaches us to look forward to the final Day, when all of God’s Promises will be fulfilled.

Seeing Christ in the Psalms

Christ is the central figure of the book of Psalms, and in its pages we see the grand picture of His life, death, and resurrection.

The Psalms As Instruction: The Lord Reigns

The Psalms are given to instruct us to live with the assurance that the Lord reigns. Read More...

The Psalms As Instruction: The Abundant Life

The Psalms are given to instruct us in how we can live a blessed, abundant life. Read More...

The Structure of the Book of Psalms

The book of Psalms is purposefully structured, and this helps us to understand the meaning of the book. Read More...
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