Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Consummation

Series Outline - "Creation, Fall, Redemtpion, & Consummation"

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A Life That Fulfills God's Purpose

God calls us to live a life of love and service toward Him and others. Read More...

A LIfe for God's Glory

Our entire lives matter to God and are to be lived in service to Him and with a view toward eternity Read More...

A Life Built to Last

Christians are called to build their lives and ministries in such a manner that they will survive the coming judgment and bring eternal rewards. Read More...

Preparing for the Judgment

All humans will stand before God's judgment throne, and only those who trust in Christ will enter the new heavens and earth. Read More...

Life in the New Heavens and Earth

In the new heavens and earth, God's purposes for creation will be fulfilled, and our deepest longings and desires will be satisfied. Read More...

The New Heavens and the New Earth (Pt. 2)

The new heavens and new earth will exhibit both continuity and discontinuity with the present heavens and earth. Read More...

The New Heavens and the New Earth (Pt. 1)

The new heavens and the new earth are our eternal home, and those who love and serve God will experience the removal of the curse and the consummation of God's original purposes for mankind. Read More...

The Resurrection of the Body (Part 2)

At the resurrection, our present bodies will be raise and transformed to be like Christ's resurrected and glorified body, exhibiting both continuity and discontinuity with our present body. Read More...

The Resurrection of the Body (Part 1)

The people of God have always believed in a resurrection of the body, and Christ is the guarantee of this hope. Read More...

Death and the Intermediate State

When people die, their soul continues in conscious existence while awaiting the resurrection of the body on the last day. Read More...

Living by the Spirit in the Now But Not Yet

Believers have been given the Holy Spirit, Who gives us a first taste of the coming age and is a guarantee that all the blessings God has promised will be given to us. Read More...

New Testament Eschatology - The Now But Not Yet

The key to New Testament eschatology is understanding the difference between this age and the age to come, the now and the not yet. Read More...

The Cosmic Scope of Christ's Redemptive Work

Christ's redemptive work affects not only the human spirit, but all of our human nature, and all of creation as well. Read More...

Our Redeemer - Christ the Second Adam

As the Second Adam, Christ has worked redemption and is restoring God's original purposes for mankind. Read More...

The Method of Redemption - The Incarnation

Since we could not save ourselves, God the Son became human to work redemption for us. Read More...

Our Redemption in Christ (God's Saving Grace)

Salvation from sin comes by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. Read More...

Common Grace - Restraining the Effects of the Fall

Despite the catastrophic effects of the fall, God continues to be gracious and has provided various ways of restraining the effects of the curse so that it does not destroy everything. Read More...

The Consequences of the Fall on Creation

Because of mankind's sin, the entire created order has fallen under the curse, and suffers the effects of the fall. Read More...

The Consequences of the Fall on Mankind

The fall produced spiritual and physical death, division and distress for all mankind. Read More...

Paradise Lost: The Fall of Humanity

Satan always tempts us to doubt God's word and His motives, and to seek our autonomy rather than submit to God. Read More...

God's Call for Mankind

As the image of God, mankind is called to form and to fill the world, thus developing creation to display God's glory. Read More...

Man: The Image of God

Man, the uniquely physical-spiritual being, is the image of God and crown of creation. Read More...

God's Goal for Creation

Creation was formed and filled by God to reveal His glory. Read More...

God's Creative Work

God created everything that exists -- including the heavenly and earthly realm, and the spiritual and physical aspects of the universe. Read More...

God's Eternal Plan

History is overseen by God, Who is bringing all things to pass according to His eternal Sovereign will and plan. Read More...

The Absolute Supremacy of God

God is supreme over all things; the universe exists for His pleasure. Read More...
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