Faith For Tomorrow

Justification by faith today provides hope for tomorrow.

The Advent Promise Received (Candlelight Service)

We should receive the salvation offered in Christ with joy and faith, praising God and spreading the good news to others.

The Advent Promise Fulfilled

In the most unlikely and adverse circumstances, God fulfilled His promise to come redeem and rescue us. Read More...

The Advent Promise Endangered

When we seem to be forgotten and forsaken, we can know that Jesus will never leave or forsake us, and is always at work to hold us close to our Father Read More...

The Advent Promise Delayed

The key to sustaining faith and resisting doubt, discouragement, and disobedience is to regularly remember and recount God’s Story of Promise.

The Advent Promise Given

In the midst of the wreckage of the Fall, God gave a promise that Jesus would come to redeem and rescue us. Read More...

Shaping A Contented Soul

We are called to shape our souls by putting away greed, embracing contentment, and finding our deepest joy and satisfaction in God. Read More...

Christian Moral Formation

Christian moral formation is the lifelong process of putting off sins, putting on Christlike virtues and being renewed so our thoughts and desires are like Christ. Read More...

The Importance of Forgiving One Another

Christians are called to be kind, forgiving one another in the same way God has forgiven us. Read More...

Enjoying God

The fruit of the God centered Gospel is deep, abiding joy in the lives of believers. Read More...

Series Outline for Sola

This 5 week series focuses on the five pivotal ideas of the Protestant Reformation. Grace alone, Faith alone, Scripture alone, Christ alone, Glory to God alone. These ideas lie at the heart of the true Christian faith, and are as foundational today as they were 500 years ago.


Click here to download a PDF of the series outline

Soli Deo Gloria - Glory To God Alone

Scripture teaches we are saved on account of God’s grace alone, through the work of Christ alone, which is accessed by faith alone, so that the glory for our salvation might be to God alone. Read More...

Sola Fide - Justified Through Faith Alone

The Gospel tells us we are accepted before God because of Christ’s righteousness and atoning work alone, apart from any works or merits of our own, and that His righteousness is received by faith alone, apart from any efforts on our part. Read More...

Solus Christus - Saved By Christ Alone

The exclusivity and sufficiency of Christ’s sacrifice is the only ground for our righteousness. Read More...

Sola Gratia - Saved Because of Grace Alone

Sin has corrupted humans so thoroughly that we can only be saved because of grace - God’s undeserved merciful kindness and favor - alone.

Sola Scriptura - The Ultimate Authority of Scripture Alone

Scripture alone is the ultimate source of truth and the final authority for the beliefs and practice of Christians and the Church. Read More...

ANM 2017 Visit

Today we are blessed to hear from a representative of Advancing Native Missions on behalf of our missionary stationed in Indonesia. We will be taking up a love offering after the teachings.


Series Outline for Spiritual Warfare

This 10 week series focuses on Spiritual Warfare and its many aspects. It teaches us what the Bible says about engaging in Spiritual Warfare.

Spiritual Warfare

Click here to download a PDF of the series outline

Enduring To Victory

Spiritual warfare is a lifelong battle, and we must draw strength from Jesus so that we do not grow weary but endure until final victory. Read More...

God Never Abandons His Promises

Take hope! Even through difficult times God never abandons His promises. Read More...

Being Good Stewards

Jesus is our Faithful Steward. We must be like Jesus and remain faithful to the very end in order to receive the good reward. Read More...

Our Enemies - The World, the Flesh, the Devil

Our enemies in spiritual warfare are Satan, the fallen world, and our sinful nature, and we must resist their attacks and overcome them. Read More...

The Power of God in the Obedience of Christians

Our life of humble obedience to God is not a historical accident but a foreordained and sure plan for sanctification that is patterned after Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit. Read More...

The Weapons of Spiritual Warfare

We must learn to use the weapons of God’s Word, prayer, worship, and fellowship to demolish Satan’s strongholds in us and others. Read More...

The Battleground of Spiritual Warfare: Strongholds

Spiritual strongholds are entrenched habits of thought, emotions, speech, and actions Satan uses to keep us from experiencing freedom in Christ.

LSMI 2017 Visit

Lee Short spoke to us about how we are obligated to share the Gospel of Christ with those around us. He also shared with us about the work they are currently doing in Mexico and other places.

Engaging in Spiritual Warfare

Our strategy in spiritual warfare is to draw near to God, be alert for the attacks of Satan, and stand against, resist, and attack his works.

Equipped for Spiritual Warfare

Through Christ and the Gospel God has equipped us with everything we need for spiritual warfare as we draw our strength from Him.

Understanding Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare is Satan’s ongoing war against God, His purposes, and His people, and every Christian and church is part of this warfare. Read More...

True Freedom

True freedom - the ability to live as God created us - is found only in Christ. Read More...

Applying the Gospel

We must practice the habit of preaching the gospel to ourselves.

A Holy Ambition

Christians are called to holy ambition - not for fleeting fame but for praise of God for a quiet life of honest work and loving others. Read More...

A Holy Sexuality

A Christian must be holy in their sexual conduct, avoiding all sexual activity other than a man and woman within marriage. Read More...

A Holy Community of Love

The church is to be a community overflowing with love, growing in holiness, as it waits for the return of Jesus. Read More...

A Holy Joy

Holy joy is found in the growing faith of those we love, even in the midst of persecution and suffering.

A Holy Response to the Word of God

God’s holy people receive the Gospel as the Word of God rather than a human teaching, but those who reject it remain under God’s wrath. Read More...

A Holy Ministry

Holy ministry flows from proper motives, is conducted in a Christlike manner, and endures difficulty until the Gospel bears fruit. Read More...

ELIC 2017 Visit

A representative from ELIC spoke about Ephesians and the immeasurable love and grace of our God. Read More...

A Holy People

The church is a holy people who have been chosen by God, given a mission, and are sustained and inspired by our hope in the return of Jesus Christ. Read More...

A Holy Prayer of Thanks

Christian should express thankfulness for God’s blessings and the people in their lives. Read More...

Living Conqueror

Jesus, Who is fully God, has conquered death and hell and offers eternal life to all who believe in Him. Read More...

Series Outline for Seven

This 7 week series is a study in Revelation 2 and 3. The risen, exalted Jesus sends His message through John to seven churches, encouraging them in righteousness and calling them to repent of sin, and through them He speaks to us today as well. Read More...

Laodicea : The Lukewarm Church

The church must not try to be independent and sufficient in its own resources, but find its sufficiency for life and ministry only in Christ.

Philadelphia: The Faithful Church

Jesus sees the patient perseverance of the Church through the midst of trials and He will reward her soon. Read More...

Sardis: The Dead Church

The church must be alive and alert, not living off past faith and deeds, but nurturing a vital, continuing walk with Jesus and opposition to Satan. Read More...

Thyatira: The 'Tolerant' Church

The church must not embrace a false ‘tolerance’ for those who compromise essentials which leads to an idolatry and immorality within the church.

Pergamum: The Compromising Church

The church must not be fooled by Satan or his servants into compromising with idolatry or sexual sin, and must call all members to repentance for such sins. Read More...

Smyrna: The Persecuted Church

The church must be faithful, even when persecuted and killed, knowing that God is Sovereign and eternal life awaits His people. Read More...

Ephesus: The Loveless Church

The church must test all teaching and reject false teachers, but it must also remain fervent in love for God and people. Read More...

Hope: The Product of Faith

If you believe in the completed work of Christ then you must have hope in the work that has been done /is being done/will be done for you. Read More...

Marriage: When Two Become One

God intends marriage to be a lifelong, vital union between a man and a woman, and anything less is a distortion or rejection of God’s will. Read More...

O Peter of Little Faith

We can have faith in God because God is faithful and has always been there for us and always fulfilled His promises. Read More...

Water Baptism - The Initial Act of Obedient Faith

Humans are uniquely the image of God and therefore all human life is sacred, from conception until natural death. Read More...

The Sanctity of Human Life

Humans are uniquely the image of God and therefore all human life is sacred, from conception until natural death. Read More...

How Long O Lord?

In life's dark moments we should express our pain to God and remind ourselves of His covenant love until we move from grief and fear to joy and trust. Read More...

The Ministry of Mercy

We are called by God’s Law to show mercy to the poor and vulnerable because they are the image of God, and He promises to bless those who obey this call. Read More...

Shema - Hear and Speak God's Word

The Shema is the most important command in Scripture, and it teaches us that to love God with all our being we must hear and speak God’s Word regularly.
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