Series Outline on Unwrapping Christ

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Unwrapping Joy In Christ

True joy is found in Christ, Who has come to save and restore us to God, the source of all true joy. Read More...

Unwrapping Love In Christ

The love of God - which is the source of all love - has taken human form in Jesus, and we are called to believe in Him and love others as He did. Read More...

Unwrapping Peace In Christ

Christ is the Prince of Peace, who brings full peace - the blessed life that flows from the righteousness of God. Read More...

Unwrapping Hope In Christ

The hope that overcomes the despair and alienation caused by the fall is found in Christ, as we look to Him in faith. Read More...

Series Outline for Thrive

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A Thriving Future

The book of Acts closes with a bold, unhindered proclamation of the Gospel - in spite of all the oppositions of Satan and the world - which guarantees a glorious thriving future for the Church and the kingdom of God. Read More...

Thriving Through Persecution

God is on a mission to glorify the name of His Son, Jesus.  There are times that God has chosen to use persecution to ensure that the gospel of His Son goes forth and that His Church thrives. Read More...

A Thriving Growth

Luke describes the early church as thriving with continuous growth as it is strengthened by the Spirit through the means of grace to fulfill the Great Commission -  even in the face of severe opposition. Read More...

A Thriving Outreach

A look at the outreach of the church to Gentiles. Read More...

A Thriving Union

As Paul learned on the road to Damascus, we thrive not through our own righteousness, but because we have a vital unity with Christ and His Church. Read More...

Thriving By the Power of the Gospel

The Church exists because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And, the primary means by which it continues to thrive is the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Read More...

A Thriving Community

A thriving church is a true community, centered on Christ, awed God’s power, showing practical love, living life together, and experiencing God’s favor. Read More...

A Thriving Spirituality

As the church, we thrive only by the grace of God which we experience through the means of grace. Therefore we must embrace and intentionally seek to cultivate that grace in our lives as part of the church. Read More...

A Thriving Life of Prayer

A thriving, growing church is fueled by a life of prayer, enjoying communion with God, and crying out for Him to work in their midst. Read More...

A Thriving Power

A thriving church must be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit to know and accomplish God's call. Read More...

A Thriving Mission

A thriving, growing church understands that our mission propels us into all the world - from our local area to the farthest corners of the globe. Read More...

Second Chance

God through his grace has justified us and forgiven us our sins, giving each of us a second chance. Read More...

The Offices of Christ

Jesus is the Great Prophet of God, our Great High Priest, and our Great King - everything we need to know, love, and serve God. Read More...

Lee and Carol Short

Lee Short shares about the ministry of LSMI in Mexico and around the world. Read More...

The Law and the Spirit in Sanctification

Because our sin has short-circuited God’s Law, our progress in sanctification comes by the power and ministry of the Spirit. Read More...

The Heart of God's Law

All the law is summarized in these two commandments: You shall love the Lord your God with all of your heart, and with all of your soul, and with all of your mind; and you shall love your neighbor as yourself. Read More...

The Proper Use of God's Law

God’s Law is holy, righteous and good - but we must use it properly, allowing it to define righteousness, convict us of sin, and point us to Christ. Read More...

The Blessed Life of Godliness

The fully blessed life is given by God to the person who fears the Lord, delights in His Word, grows in godly character, and focuses on serving 
others.

Praise the LORD for His Great Works!

As we ponder the great works of the Lord in redeeming and giving 
us His covenantal commands, we respond with heartfelt praise and willing 
obedience.

A Divine Confidence

Because of God’s love, every person who has confessed Christ as Lord has been given a Divine confidence of salvation from God. This Divine confidence is seen in our love for God and our fellow man. Read More...

Series Outline on Jonah

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Rebel Without A Cause

Jonah’s unrepentant rebellion regarding God’s mercy towards the Ninevites (‘sinners’ whom Jonah does not think deserve mercy) comes to the surface in this final chapter, but God in His grace continues to pursue the rebellious prophet to the end. Read More...

Rich and Ginger Jorgensen

Rich and Ginger share about their ministry in Niger, West Africa. Read More...

A Rebel Sent to Rebels

God sends flawed rebel servants like Jonah and us to proclaim His Word to rebels who do not know Him so that they might turn to Him and be saved. Read More...

The Rebel Prays

Jonah’s prayer of thanksgiving from inside the fish is a model of crying out to God with His Word, but it also reveals Jonah’s lack of personal repentance and his lack of compassion for the lost. Read More...

The Rebel Runs From God

Jonah was called to proclaim God’s word to the city of Nineveh, but he rebelled and tried to flee from God and His call, but God relentlessly pursued him and even the sailors whose lives Jonah endangered by his rebellion. Read More...

Jesus Our Great High Priest

Jesus as our Great High Priest was able to offer the perfect eternal offering on our behalf. Read More...

Series Outline for "Church Planting"

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Building the Church for the Glory of God

We are called to build upon the foundation laid by the apostles so that we can help the Church grow for the glory of God. Read More...

Vines That Choke the Church

Churches can not grow, produce fruit and multiply if they are divided by pride, walk in disunity with other believers, lack compassion for the lost, or are not willing to pay the cost to follow and serve Christ. Read More...

Live By Faith - Not Anxiety

We must learn to focus on the Kingdom of God, and not the fears and worries of this world. Otherwise we will fail to realize that which God has called us to become. Read More...

Living Hope Through the Resurrection of Jesus

The resurrection of Jesus gives a living hope for troubled times for all those who are reborn through Him. Read More...

BRCC's Vision and Church Planting

BRCC is called to glorify God by building and planting local churches that are biblically based, Christ centered, caring communities, seeking to know Christ and make Him known. Read More...

Provision - Financial Giving and Church Planting

In the New Covenant, believers freely give finances in response to God’s grace, in order to support the work and growth of the church. Read More...

Building Up the Church of God

Garey discusses his vision for RCC and how God is strategically calling RCC to be sent forth by BRCC to fulfill the mission God has given to them. Read More...

The Power of Radical Commitment to Church Planting

God calls all of us to be part of church planting, either as radical supporters or radical planting team members. Read More...

Church Planting and the Power of Prayer

The Church moves forward only by the power of the Holy Spirit, and our connection to the Spirit is based upon the power of our prayer life. Read More...

Planting Churches by the Power of the Spirit

To plant churches and spread the light of the Gospel into areas under the influence of Satan, we must be full of the power of the Holy Spirit. Read More...

Called To Be A Witness

Everyone who is in Christ and filled with the power of the Holy Spirit has been called to be a witness to our risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Read More...

Training Future Leaders

God calls His church not only to reach every nation, but also to train leaders so that the church may thrive in future generations. Read More...

The Great Claim, The Great Commission, The Great Comfort

As disciples of Christ we respond to the great commission by the power of Christ and the comfort that He gives.

Ministry in Jails and Prisons

Chaplain Chase Wood shares about the ministry at the local detention centers. Read More...

The Mission of God

God calls His pilgrim people to go forth, promising to bless them so that they can be a blessing to others. Read More...

Take Refuge In Christ

Refuge and security for eternity can be found only in Christ. Read More...

Moses and Christ - Law and Grace

Christ came to reveal the fulness of grace, and we live by grace, not law. Read More...

Series Outline for "Christ, the Church, Christians, & Culture"

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Living as Citizens of Two Kingdoms

Christians are citizens of the common kingdom because they are humans, but they are also citizens of the redemptive kingdom because they have been born again in Christ, and they must never confuse or merge these kingdoms. Read More...

The Call, Christians, and Culture

Our primary identity comes from God’s call placing us into Christ, but He has also given each of us individual calls - a particular mixture of desires, gifts, talents, responsibilities, relationships, and opportunities that we receive from God and develop and nurture throughout life to allow each of us love and serve God and our neighbor. Read More...

Messiah's Mosaic

The church is God’s nation, comprised of people from every nation and culture, and her primary allegiance is to God’s kingdom rather than each members preferred culture. Read More...
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