The New Heavens and Earth

God has promised a new heavens and earth, which believers begin to experience now, and will be completed at the return of Christ.  Read More...

Children of the Father

Jesus reveals not only what it means to be the Son of God, but what it means to be a child of the Father. Read More...

Invitation to the Feast

God invites us to turn from the idols of this world which can never really satisfy, and to come to Him and receive that which fully satisfies the hunger and thirst of our souls. Read More...

The Greatness of God is Greatly to Be Praised

When we begin to fathom the depths of the greatness of God, does this bring us to a point of awe at the majesty of God that we must break forth in Praise? Read More...

Suffering Servant, Exalted King

Jesus, the Servant of the Lord, suffered and died for our sins, is now exalted as King, and offers life to us. Read More...

The Servant of the Lord

Jesus the Messiah, the True Servant of the Lord, has brought God’s justice and gentle mercy to the people of the whole world. Read More...

The Lord and the gods of this World

By His Sovereignty over history, Yahweh shows He is the only True God, and the only One worthy of our trust, worship, and life. Read More...

Comfort for God's People

Our God is the Self-sufficient, Inexhaustible Ruler of the universe, and He has promised to deliver His people who expectantly wait on Him. Read More...

Hezekiah’s Folly - Babylon Rising

Hezekiah’s folly and pride sealed the downfall of his people, but Christ’s wise obedience seals blessing for God’s people. Read More...

Hezekiah's Faith - Assyria Falling

Those who trust God and His Word will find His deliverance and protection, while those who defiantly reject it will fall. Read More...

Series Outline on the Name of God

Click here to download a PDF of the series outline

Yahweh Shalom - The Lord is Peace

God's name Yahweh Shalom - The Lord is Peace - speaks of God's desire and ability to restore everything to it proper purpose so that I can be related properly to God, myself, and others. Read More...

Yahweh Shammah - The Lord is There

God's name Yahweh-Shammah - The Lord is There - speaks of God's desire to be in the midst of his people, chronicled in both the historical and the futured prophesied city of Jerusalem. Read More...

Yahweh Raphe - The Lord the Healer

God’s name Yahweh Raphe - the Lord the Healer - speaks of God’s provision to heal and deliver His people from sin and all its effects in the curse. Read More...

Yahweh Rohi - The Lord Our Shepherd

Do I know the Lord as my Shepherd well enough to place my complete trust in him for my life? Read More...

Receiving and Passing On the One True Faith

Using a catechism is a tried and true method of receiving and passing onthe faith once for all delivered to God's people. Read More...

Rich and Ginger Jorgenson

Rich, Ginger, and Philip work in Muslim villages in Niger, West Africa. Read More...

Yahweh NIssi - The Lord My Banner

God's name Yahweh-Nissi - the Lord my Banner - speaks of God's provision to deliver His people from their true enemies. Read More...

Yahweh Yireh - The Lord - The Provider

How has the Lord provided for you? We should see God's provision for us as an opportunity to glorify Him by enjoying the awesome ways in which the Lord has provided for us. Read More...

Yahweh Tsidkenu - The Lord Our Righteousness

God is Yahweh-Tsidkenu - the One who defines, fulfills, and imputes righteousness to His people through Jesus, and then begins to produce righteous fruit in them by His Spirit. Read More...

Yahweh M'Kaddesh - The Lord Who Sets You Apart

God has set us apart to Him, to live a holy life sanctified by Christ and in the Holy Spirit. Read More...

Yahweh - The Name of Our Covenant God

God’s covenant name of Yahweh reveals that the self-existent, holy
One has graciously entered into covenant with His people. Read More...

Finding Refuge in the Name of the Lord

God's Name reveals that He is a tower of refuge and protection for His people, while others place their trust in vain imaginations. Read More...

The Day of Redemption for the Nations

Although the day of the Lord is a day of judgment for the nations that have rejected God, He is calling a remnant from every nation to be part of His people. Read More...

The Day of the Lord for the Nations

Just as God appointed a day to judge Babylon, so there will be a day when every human will stand before God - either clothed in their own sin or in the righteousness of Christ. Read More...

God's Sovereignty Over Human History

God rules over the affairs of human history, working all things out for the purity and good of His people.

Commissioned by God

We have been commissioned and empowered by God to go forth and make disciples, baptizing and teaching them the fullness of the faith. Read More...

The Sign of Immanuel - God With Us

God's promise to be with us, which was typified by many people and events in the Old Testament, is ultimately fulfilled in Jesus Christ, who is Immanuel, God with us. Read More...

The Firm Foundation of God’s Word

When facing difficult times, we are called to build on the firm foundation of God’s Word, not looking to other sources for strength. Read More...

In the Valley of Decision: Where is Your Trust?

Believers are faced with a decision of where to place their trust - in God, His Promise and His Kingdom, or in the kingdoms of this world. Read More...

God is Perfect

If God is perfect what should our response to a perfect God look like in our daily living. Read More...

Roger & Marilyn Reeck

Roger & Marilyn Reeck, Wycliffe Bible Translators, have been working with Wycliffe for almost 30 years.

God's Glorious Covenant People

Despite their present failures, Isaiah saw the glorious future for God’s people, when people from all nations would come to learn and walk in God’s ways. Read More...

The Grand Arraignment

Through Isaiah, God is bringing a covenant lawsuit against His people, exposing their sin, announcing their punishment, and offering forgiveness and reconciliation if they will repent. Read More...

The Call of Isaiah - Part 2 - His Commissioning

Like Isaiah, we are commissioned to speak God’s truth, and the measure of success is faithfulness to the truth, not the response of the hearers. Read More...

The Call of Isaiah - Part 1 - His Vision

Isaiah was given a revelation of God’s glory and holiness, which revealed his own weakness and sin, and then he received atonement from God. Read More...

Isaiah - The Man, His Times, and His MInistry

Isaiah was a man called by God to apply God’s Word to the turbulent times in which he lived, and to call God’s people to behold God and live with hope in the midst of uncertain and difficult days. Read More...

The Good News of Holy Week

Christ’s actions during Holy Week - His death, burial, and bodily
resurrection, bring salvation to all who truly believe.

The Call and Promise of Church Leadership

God calls leaders to a godly life and faithfulness to Scripture, and promises a fruitful ministry if they do this. This special teaching was done as part of Garey Walker's ordination service.

Series Outline on "The Holy Spirit"

Click here to download a PDF of the series outline

Question and Answer Session on the Holy Spirit

This is a question and answer session on the series The Holy Spirit - God's Empowering Presence. A variety of questions on topics such as guidance, unusual manifestations, and spiritual gifts were discussed. Read More...

A Biblically Based, Christ Centered, Caring Community

As the people of God, we are to be a biblically based, Christ centered, caring community. Read More...

The Gift of Prophecy

God gives His people the gift of prophecy, the ability to give a spontaneous word from God, which can edify, exhort, and comfort believers, and convict unbelievers.

The Gift of Tongues for Public Use

When spoken for others to hear in public worship, tongues must be interpreted so that others may benefit from the prayer, blessing, and praise to God. Read More...

The Gift of Tongues for Private Prayer

The main use of the gift of tongues is for private worship and prayer, and as we use this gift we are built up in our faith so that we can serve God and others.

What is the Gift of Tongues?

The gift of tongues is the enablement of believers by the Holy Spirit to speak in a language they have not learned & do not understand. Read More...

The Struggle Between Islam and Christ

Jesus is the True Shepherd Who brings abundant life, and He calls us to reach out to those trapped and oppressed by the thief. Read More...

Fighting the Battle

If we are to be successful in this battle that we have been called to fight, we need to know the tools that God has given us to fight the battle, and we need to know how to use those tools in the midst of the battle. Read More...

Discerning the Battle Lines

We must be able to discern where the battle lines have been drawn if we have any chance of even entering into the battle. Read More...

Transformed by the Holy Spirit

Christians live in the New Covenant, and are being progressively transformed by the Spirit into the image of God as we consistently behold His glory. Read More...

Led by the Spirit

The Holy Spirit leads God's children by revealing God's will in Scripture, enabling us to understand, giving us a desire to follow, and empowering us to obey. Read More...

The Way of Wisdom: Making Decisions in God's Will

We are called to make decisions based on wisdom, which obeys God's revealed will in Scripture and applies the principles of God's Word to all of life. Read More...

What is God's Will for My Life?

God's will for my life is not an obscure set of choices that I must divine using various methods, but His revealed plan & commands as found in the Scripture.

The Two Aspects of God's Will

God's will refers to both His secret plan to work everything in conformity with His purposes, and His revealed commands for how we are to live. Read More...
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