The Heart of Christmas

Christ came to give glory to God and peace to man. Read More...

Does God Allow Homosexual Marriage?

Although Christians must show compassion to those trapped in homosexuality, we must be clear that it is a sin, and that God would never condone homosexual marriage. Read More...

Is Cohabitation the Same As Marriage?

Cohabitation is different in both purpose and practice from marriage, and it does not fit the biblical parameters for marriage and thus does not benefit the individuals or society. Read More...

Biblical Principles for Selecting A Marriage Partner (Part 3)

When building a relationship with a marriage partner, the Scripture calls for absolute sexual purity -- in action and desire. Read More...

Biblical Principles for Selecting A Marriage Partner (Part 2)

When thinking about a marriage partner, we need to follow God's wisdom and choose someone, not based on external looks, but on the basis of godly character. Read More...

Biblical Principles for Selecting a Marriage Partner (Part 1)

Although the bible does not give a specific plan for dating or courtship, it does give key principles, the most important of which is that they must be a believer. Read More...

Married or Single - Is One More Spiritual?

The key to true spirituality is not either marriage or being single, but rather determining God’s call and gifts for us, and following biblical mandates for our lives. Read More...

On Being 'Single' - Seeking First the Kingdom

God calls us to be truly ‘single’ – devoted first and foremost to Him and His Kingdom - before seeking marriage. Read More...

The God of Restoration

The Lord is a God Who delights to restore what has been lost because of Satan, the world, and even sin. Read More...

Series Outline on the Book of Ruth

Click here to download a PDF of the series outline

God is Faithful

In the book of Ruth we see how God is faithful to His covenant people, through all circumstances.

The Kinsman Redeemer

Jesus is our Kinsman Redeemer – a member of our family Who defends, protects, and redeems us from our trouble. Read More...

God's Concern for the Poor

In the book of Ruth we see God’s deep concern for the poor, and how His people are called to care for the poor. Read More...

The Value of Godly Character

God calls His people to respond to Him in faith and to display a character that is like His. Read More...

God's Providence

The book of Ruth is a showcase of God’s providence, his ongoing and intimate relationship with his creation. Read More...

Divine Sovereignty and Human Responsibility

Theme: The book of Ruth shows a God Who is Sovereign over all things, and people who respond to this fact with great initiative and hard work.

Text: Ruth 1:22-2:3; 4:13

Reading: Philippians 2:5-13

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Naomi Has A Son

God, as kinsman-redeemer to Naomi and Ruth, prepares the way for his own son, our kinsman-redeemer. Read More...

Restoration Through A Kinsman-Redeemer

God works to restore us through the work of a kinsman redeemer, a close relative who protects and provides for us. Read More...

Hope Rekindled

The Valley of Tears has become fields of food, family and hope. Read More...

In the Valley of Tears

When suffering comes into our lives, it is hard to see God’s purposes accurately, but He will bring us through the valley of tears. Read More...

Growing Through The Seasons of Life - Series Outline

Click here to download a PDF of the series outline

Late Fall and Winter - Our Later Years

Our later years are a time of celebration of past efforts and investment in the future, as the wisdom gleaned through the years is passed on to the next generations. Read More...

Late Summer and Early Fall - Adults

Our adult years are full of hard labor as we strive to love and serve God, our families, and others as we harvest all that has been sown into us in our earlier years. Read More...

Early Summer - Older Children and Young Adults

Older children and young adults should experience a greater measure of freedom, which they are to use to draw close to God, solidify the lessons learned in their early years, and prepare to serve God throughout life. Read More...

Spring - Young Children

Like unplowed ground, young children must have the soil of their hearts prepared through loving discipline and have the seeds of God’s Word planted through careful instruction. Read More...

Series Outline for "Galatians"

Click here to download a PDF of the series outline

The Centrality of Christ

Christ is central to the Gospel and true life, and we must proclaim Him as Paul did. Read More...

The Life of Freedom in the Spirit

Our life of freedom in the Spirit is one of personal responsibility and mutual care, looking forward to our final reward. Read More...

Keeping In Step with the Spirit

As those made alive by the Spirit, we must keep in step with the Holy Spirit, developing a close, personal relationship with Him. Read More...

Walking by the Spirit

The Spirit enables us to live a Christ-like life, helping us to overcome the flesh in a way the law never could. Read More...

Our Freedom in Christ

Christ came to give us true freedom, the ability to be who we were created to be – the image of God, serving others in love. Read More...

Children of Slavery, Children of Promise

Theme: The true seed of Abraham are those born of the Spirit and promise, while those trusting in law are merely slaves.

Text: Galatians 4:21-31

Reading: Psalm 87

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Click here to download a PDF of a table showing the two seeds of Abraham in Galatians 4

Paul's Ministry to the Galatians

Paul’s ministry to the Galatians provides an excellent model for Christians today as they lead others. Read More...

Heirs of God Through Christ

Through Christ, believers are the heirs of all God’s covenant blessings. Read More...

The Superiority of Promise Over Law

Theme: The law is inferior to God’s promise and therefore we should look to God in faith, rather than relying on the law.

Text: Galatians 3:15-25

Reading: Romans 4:13-17

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The Blessings of Faith

Through faith in Christ we are redeemed from the curse and receive all of the blessings of God. Read More...

Dead to the Law but Alive to God

We have died to the law but become alive to God, living a new life by faith in Christ. Read More...

Justification by Faith Alone

God declares us to be righteous, not because of our works, but because of the work of Christ in our behalf, which we receive through faith alone. Read More...

Paul, Peter, and Justification by Faith Alone

Paul had to rebuke Peter at Antioch because his actions were undercutting the heart of the Gospel of justification by faith alone. Read More...
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